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Our Mission

To help small business owners and solopreneurs create operational efficiency through systems and processes.

Hi, I'm Sherrill!

I founded Right Hand Business Management to be exactly that, your right-hand! I help small business owners and solo-preneurs with business management consultation, systems creation, and software set up to streamline their day to day operations. Together we can turn your business into a well-oiled machine.    

Your business is the house,  and your systems and processes are the foundation. How strong is your foundation? Does your business have the structural support it needs? That’s where I come in. 


The hallmark of who we are is working efficiently and effectively so that you can thrive in your business and serve your clients well.  Our specialty?  We create efficient systems that help you delegate, free up your time, and lead to an improved client experience and greater success. With our background in business management, administration, and operations, we are confident that together we can structure a business you will once again love. 


No business is the same. Each process we create is tailored to your individual business needs and your client experience. It’s time to make your business effective, efficient, and scalable. 

Let’s work together to create the systems and processes you, your business, and your clients deserve.

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Sherrill Cole

Business Strategist

Owner Of Right Hand Management 

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