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Let’s create the business you’ve always dreamed of. 

Remember that vision you had for your business? All the plans and goals you couldn't wait to achieve? You took off running, chasing that dream, but now you’re stuck. What happened? Your business has grown, but your organization didn’t follow. Your systems and processes are disconnected and inefficient.

Therefore you’re missing out on valuable opportunities and revenue, overwhelmed, overworked, and on the edge of burnout.

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Standard Operating Procedures (Operations Manual)  -  You have great systems and processes, but are they documented?  Should someone need to step in and run your business, would they know what to do? If someone leaves your business, is key “institutional” knowledge leaving with them? Having step by step tasks documented not only ensures consistency, but it saves your business from ever coming to a halt if any of these situations ever happen. 


Business Operations

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Clarity to Scale Call - One hour Zoom call where we learn all your systems and  processes and listen to your challenges. Let it all out!  We will focus on your entire client journey,  identify any gaps in your processes  and together we will develop a plan. If you are feeling stuck and need guidance, the goal of this call is for you to leave with a game plan, confidence, and the steps needed to better run your business. 

Investment: $250.00

Systems and Process Improvement - For the business owner who needs help creating a system or process or improving existing ones. Do you lack overall organization in your business? Are your systems and processes disconnected and inefficient? Let’s customize this package to meet the needs of your business. 

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Real Estate Transaction Management

Real Estate Transaction Coordinator  - All my Maryland real estate agents, listen up! Struggling with the contract to close part of your business? As you know, getting a contract signed is one thing and getting to the settlement table is another! And the work in between is well…a lot and not your wheelhouse. I was in the real estate industry for over 10 years as an agent and transaction coordination manager and I know first hand the challenges of getting a contract to the settlement table.


Let us help you with processing files, chasing missing forms and signatures, scheduling inspections, tracking contingencies, and following up on loan commitments.

Investment: $350.00 per transaction (Seller or Buyer); 

$600 (for both Seller and Buyer side) 

**Maryland Real Estate Agents Only**


Project Management

Do you have a “one off” project that needs to be completed? Your business is running smoothly but there is this ONE project you just don’t have time for, or it’s a little more complicated than you thought. Let Right Hand Business Management take a look and see where we can help.

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